We are interested in getting a better understanding of children’s thoughts and feelings and how people’s bodies react to different situations.

What will we be doing?

The study involves coming to the Binghamton campus to complete some questionnaires and interviews. Your child will complete computer games during which we will look at his or her brain activity (measured with a special cap your child will wear on his or her head). We will also look at how you and your child’s brain and body react while talking about different things. Finally, we will get a DNA sample from you and your child so we can look at how this influences thoughts and feelings. While here, your child will also have time to play games (Wii, iPad, etc.) between tasks to break things up a bit.


You will be paid $20/hour (the study will take approximately 4 hours) and your child will receive a small toy or $10 gift card and can also win a $5 bill. Your child will also receive a picture of how their brain waves look while completing the study. It will look something like this...


Mothers and fathers, boys and girls are invited to participate. The study will involve 1,000 families from the community, so we’re looking for as diverse a group of families as possible. Siblings are welcome to participate with the same or different parent. The only requirements are that the child be 7-11 years old, your biological child, and live with you at least 50% of the time. We also suggest that children with severe learning or developmental disabilities not participate because it might be difficult for them to complete the questionnaires for this study.


Participation in this study is confidential and we will not share your answers with anyone else.